Treasurer's Office

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office is a statutorily mandated department and is required to receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the Township. The most important duties of the Treasurer's Office are the administration of the property tax collection system, the utility service billing system, and safeguarding the cash and investment assets entrusted by the citizens of DeWitt Charter Township.

The Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and administrative staff are committed to serving the residents with the utmost integrity and performing their duties in a professional, efficient and responsible manner.

The Treasurer's Office responsibilities include:

  • Accounting of all Township receipts
  • Bank and investment account reconcilements
  • Collecting delinquent personal property taxes, jeopardy assessments and mobile home specific taxes
  • Collection of real and personal property taxes
  • DeWitt Area Recreation Authority (DARA) accounting
  • Disbursing tax funds collected to state and local entities
  • Invoicing Police Department, Fire Department and miscellaneous fees
  • Park and pavilion rental scheduling
  • Receipting Building Department permits and trade fees
  • Timely deposit of revenues in approved depositories

Treasurer's Office Mission

The Treasurer's Office will take charge of all funds belonging to the Township; administer the property tax collection system; balance and disburse tax collections; invoice and collect quarterly sewer services; invest surplus funds; and reconcile cash and investment accounts, all while ensuring the proper controls, skills and technologies are in place to best serve the residents of DeWitt Charter Township.