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Delinquent Foreclosure Procedures
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Public Act 123 of 1999 shortened the amount of time that property owners have to pay their delinquent taxes before losing their property. Property owners with taxes that are three years delinquent will be foreclosed and the property will be sold at public auction.

For example, people who fail to pay their 2004 delinquent property taxes will lose their property to foreclosure in March 2007.

Sample Public Act 123 Property Foreclosure Timeline for 2004 Delinquent Property Taxes:
July/December 2004:

Current Property Taxes billed by Township Treasurer

March 1, 2005:

Unpaid 2004 Property Taxes are forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection. A 4% administration fee and 1% per month interest is added to the unpaid balance.

October 1, 2005: $15 fee is added to each parcel
March 1, 2006:

Property is forfeited to County Treasurer. County Treasurer adds a $175 fee. Interest increases from 1% per month to 1.5% per month, back to the date the taxes became delinquent.

March 1-10, 2007:

Circuit Court enters judgment of foreclosure. From the date of this judgment, property owners have only 21 days to pay the taxes or lose their property.

March 22-31, 2007: Clear title to the property passes to the County.
July 2007: Property is sold at public auction.




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